Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Schnipper's Quality Kitchen


There's nothing really wrong with Schnippers.  But there's nothing special either.  We had the Schnipper's special burger, which was fine but unexceptional (though they could have reheated the onions more than they did) and the green chile burger, which was also fine.   Onion rings were average to slightly below average, with the batter being unexceptional and failing to stick to the onion but cooked reasonably well.  

If everything didn't take so long (it took the better part of 15 minutes in a mostly-empty, fully-staffed restaurant) I'd say that it's a fine place for a workday lunch or a quick bite, but the prices indicate it should be much more than that.  Soliciting a tip on top of that because they run the food to your table is really pushing it.

I didn't run screaming from this place or anything but I'm not screaming to run back either. I don't really spend much time in the Times Square/Port Authority area but there has to be a better burger pretty close by without braving the line at Shake Shack.

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