Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Yesterday we went to see the hoopla surrounding the New Jersey Superbowl at Times Square.  First, we took in the Animal Planet exhibit for the Puppy Bowl.  It was mostly about as silly as you'd expect, with a "hall of fame" showing off pictures of puppies and props from prior Puppy Bowls (most lickable puppy, most drooled over chew toy, etc.).  But they did have real puppies.  Alas, we got there at what must have been Puppy Halftime, as the puppies were tuckered out and not playing.  Here's a picture of a tired puppy:
 Now here's some text below the picture to see how it turns out.

Next, we walked along Broadway, renamed Superbowl Boulevard for the week.  We were there before the full festivities got underway.  The Field Goal Kicking exhibit wasn't opening for a few hours, the big lit-up Roman Numerals(TM) weren't due until after nightfall, etc.  But frankly none of it was all that interesting.  There was a nice collection of big Superbowl sponsors giving away swag and/or showing off their wares.  It's apparent that even the largest companies haven't figured out the whole interactive thing just yet.  GM is an example.  They had some of their big SUVs on exhibit, a, uh, counter-intuitive choice for Manhattan.  But, tourists, so OK.  But if you wanted to enter their contest you had to give them your email, get a wristband, go to each and ever SUV (I think there were three), get information, scan the wristband, go to another location, get scanned again and then find out if you won, well, no one really seemed to know what you won or how likely you were to win it.  People don't want to do that much work to buy a car, let alone look at one.   Even Animal Planet, back at the Puppy Bowl, said they wanted your phone number to give you a chance to win a Bissell  Vacuum Cleaner.  One of the attendants helpfully added that it was possible to skip this step, but how many emails did Bissell miss out on because people just stopped when they reached the field for their phone number?  

So overall, the whole thing was interactive and terrible at it.  

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  1. But there was a Twizzlers walking around to take pictures! Probably smelled a lot better than the Elmos outside.


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