Sunday, April 20, 2014

Time for canning and an Amazon test.

With spring finally having sprung it's time to find ways to preserve the wonderful tastes that are available at farmers markets around the country.  Freezing, pickling, dehydrating, infusing with alcohol, all of these are good ways.  But my new favorite is canning.  It's easy, kind of fun, doesn't take up a bunch of real estate in your freezer or fridge and once you've got a bunch of jars it's pretty inexpensive.

 Future marinara sauce

I'm exclusively a water-bath canner as opposed to a pressure canner so I won't really get into canning until later in the season  -- most vegetables aren't acidic enough to water-can safely.  So I'll have a lot more to say on the subject later.  For now, this is something of an experiment.  There's a book on Amazon that's free for today and I want to know how that works with my affiliate thingy.  Here's the link. Canning Guide For Beginners, How To Guide With Recipes: How To Can vegetables, Fruits, Pickles, Salsa, Meat, Fish, Poultry, Wild Game.  If you could download it, I'd appreciate it.  I haven't read it yet.  If a few people download it I'll review it to let you know if you should bother reading it.


EDITED TO ADD:   Boy, this book is terrible.  Only try to read it if you already know how to can and want to laugh at what someone is trying to get $2.99 for foisting on an unknowing public.  After I read some more I think I'll probably review it on Amazon in hopes of saving future potential canners the pain of reading this book.

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