Friday, April 25, 2014

Quick Update on Cliven Bundy.

A short followup to the Cliven Bundy story about his cows and the tortoises on someone else's land. Anyone who was surprised that he started talking about "the Negro" and how slavery just might have been better for black people was deluding themself before seeing his comments in print. Lots of principled, good-hearted people believe that the government "should" do this or that regarding public lands in the west, about the extent of its authority on various issues and so on. People who believe that the government "shouldn't" have some power seek to change the situation through the courts or through legislation depending on the circumstance. People who believe that the government "doesn't" have such and such an authority and continue to maintain so after losing case after case in the courts and getting no hearing in the legislature are nuts. And when you scratch those people, you'll uncover a racist. Every single time.

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