Tuesday, March 4, 2014

US Soccer's "Home" jersey for FIFA 2014...

US Soccer's "Home" kit for FIFA 2014, uh, needs work.  According to US Soccer's press release the jersey has unspecified performance improvements; one hopes that they did a better job on that than the nice folks at UnderArmor and Lockheed are alleged to have done with US Speedskating.   I don't know about any of that.

What I do know is that the new design is not very good.
It would be fine for a normal year.  As a 2013 jersey I'd endorse it.  But we are going to Brazil! Brazil is sexy, it's tropical, it's loud, it's outspoken.  Our kit should reflect that!  This jersey makes our team look like a bunch of lower-middle managers who have been permitted by Corporate to dress casually on summer Fridays as long as they don't abuse the privilege.  You can bet Ghana won't be looking like they're hiding from destiny.  Hell, even the Germans will look more flamboyant.  The US jersey should have red and white stripes and a swirl of blue with white stars and should generally look like a 2014 update of the 1996 Olympic Gymnastics team, or even better the 2012 team. 

That's how America should be dressing for a major international competition.  Here's hoping they do a more inspired job with the away kits.

At least US Soccer lost the sash.  I realize our team is still up and coming and doesn't have the storied history of some of the other teams, but a uniform dedicated to a group win dating to before the federation's president was born is pretty sad. 

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