Monday, March 31, 2014

They're good for your heart.

A month ago I announced that it was time to lose some weight.  So far, mostly so good.  I've lost 15 pounds.  I don't feel that was unsafe because five of it was in the first few days and was probably water weight.  Or not -- I've been drinking 64 ounces of water a day (including seltzer) above and beyond any other liquid intake.

I haven't decided on a long-term strategy yet -- whether to go paleo or Atkins or no-fat or glycemic-index or whatnot.  I'm way too fat for that.  Until I start approaching 200 pounds my strategy is to eat generally healthy things and have my caloric intake be less than my caloric usage.  Simple and effective.

I've been using a program,, to track all this stuff, including nutrition.   I've been taking a multivitamin so I'm not too worried about things like vitamin A and whatnot, but I'm not getting enough protein and fiber whereas I'm getting plenty of fat.

Which means that I need beans.  Today, I bought beans.  Boy, did I buy beans.  Two-pound bags of five different dried beans.  I'm gonna try them all to see which ones we like best.  I've already got plans for refried beans, black beans with Mexican rice, hummus, and vegetarian and chicken chiles.  

If you have any ideas or outstanding recipes I'd be grateful to hear them.  I've got black, kidney, pinto, garbanzo, and cannelini beans.  Any other must-have beans?  The place I got them the, International Store on 9th Avenue and 41st. has every bean you can imagine.  Along with bulk spices, nuts, dried fruit.  It's kind of a culinary Disneyland, actually. 

Thank you in advance for any input. 

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  1. Shannon makes amazing Puerto Rican beans (and rice). You should hit her up for her recipe.


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