Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The happiest news in human history!

Every day there's new health news.  Things that were good for you are bad for you, things that were bad for you were good for you.   The margarine-eating, egg avoiding "healthy" eaters of the 70's would plotz at a lot of the healthy choices today.  Indeed, old-fashioned margarine is *banned* in restaurants in  New York City.

All of that is to say that you can never really count on what's coming out of the nutrition science industry besides "eat your vegetables."  There's a lot more unsettled science than there is settled science and a lot more promising hypotheses than there are well-tested theories.  And you should take the following news with (heh) a grain of salt.  But...

Chocolate and Tequila are good for you! Yes, yes, you can't be going out getting drunk every night and you have to watch your carbohydrate and specifically your sugar intake with all that chocolate sweetening and alcohol.  And again, it could turn out to be falsified in tomorrow's studay.  But for tonight, Chocolate and Tequila are good for you! 

I'll make a chocolate-infused mole and a nice Mexican chocolate dessert, maybe a capirotada, if you'll bring by the tequila and make the margaritas.   Perhaps I should infuse some tequila with cocoa powder and chilis...


  1. Here ya go. Chipotle truffles with tequila.

    1. Did you see Rick Bayless' Twitter last night? He posted a picture of his capirotada, which you may have had; he's apparently served it before: http://instagram.com/p/ls9lfyFBjh/# Since it turns out that wine is also good for you (Seriously, we're getting closer to Sleeper every day, which sucks because Woody Allen is creepy.) I'm thinking 3/8 or a half a wheel of Mexican chocolate added to that might be just the thing. Here's a version of the recipe I found attributed to him and his then-dessert chef. http://www.epicurus.com/food/recipes/capirotada/9638

  2. I don't do Twitter, but I did see a photo of Bayless's capirotada on FB. And yeah, it looks really good. As for Mexican-style chocolate, this is a bit pricey, but goddamn is it good. That mass produced Nestle Abuelita stuff just sits lonely in my pantry now.


    1. That does look yummy. I just picked up the Iberra from the Mexican grocery, which has been fine in the small amounts I use it in for moles and my chile. Maybe I'll step it up if I end up using a lot of it for a dessert.


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