Friday, March 28, 2014

Carrie's House

I had to change a license plate on a car today, which took me around the corner to Perry Street off of West 4th.  Across from the house supposedly lived in by Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City.  This show was available only to HBO subscribers and went off the air a decade ago.  The last movie was four years ago. 

There was a full tour group there when I arrived.  Seriously, 25 people and a paid tour guide looking at this house.  Separately, at least 5 groups of at least four women came by to gawk at the house and take pictures like it's the Taj Mahal or something. 

The poor bastards who own that house had to put up a chain and a little sign asking people not to sit on the stoop.  Of course, I mean "poor" in the sense of "less good than expected" rather than "financially impoverished.  Presumably they got paid to use the facade in the show.  Also, the house next door has sold three times in the past 2-plus years,  once for $9 million, twice for $9.85 million and three times a lady for $13.25 million.   It's currently being renovated and apparently no one expects that the owner/s plan to move in, but rather sell it yet again for an even higher price.

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