Friday, March 7, 2014

Animal cams.

Screensavers went out with the turn of the century.  They're wholly
unnecessary with today's modern screens, for which burn-in is not a
concern.  And yet many people want some kind of image on their screens
while they're not using them.  Using one's own photographs is one
solution, of course, as is using photographs by others.  But what about a
live animal cam?  That's what I like to have in the background while
the computer is on but not in use.

Above is a capture from the MN Bound Eagle Cam, probably my favorite.  Each year the folks at MN bound have a cam over a Bald Eagle nest and follow the maturing of that year's hatchlings.   Eagles return to the same nest each year.   The female eagle laid her first egg yesterday; she'll probably lay one more and may lay a couple more.

Another favorite is, believe it or not, a kitten cam.  "Foster Dad John" is a guy somewhere in the Pacific Northwest who rescues abandoned pregnant cats and brings up cat and kittens until they're ready for adoption.  You can watch the cam and you can donate to the organization that arranges the rescues and adoptions.  If this post is more than a couple months old the link to the cam probably doesn't work; John gets a new URL for each batch of kittens.  His facebook page is here

Finally, I really like the Africam.  If you're in a US time zone it can be tricky to catch this one at an active time, but if you do you can watch real live African large fauna in their native environments.  Definitely worth a look.

If you have a favorite animal cam, please share it in the comments. 

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