Thursday, February 6, 2014

On the corner of Doing the Right Thing and Full of It.

CVS has decided to stop selling cigarettes as of later this year.  You can't tell exactly because they're cagey about the timing but it looks like cigarettes provide somewhere around 4 percent of their earnings.  I imagine that number has been declining and I also imagine that CVS' management foresaw a day when total cigarette earnings will approach zero and they decided to get ahead of that day as they reposition themselves as a health care company and try to increase their share of all those sweet, sweet Obamacare revenues.

So good for them.  But...

Everyone already knows that cigarettes are bad for you.  If CVS really wants to be a healthcare company they should stop trying to lead from behind and discontinue products which many of their customers think are good for them but in fact do nothing or worse.  I speak of homeopathic products. 

Yes, CVS provides a variety of homeopathic products, basically selling water for thousands of dollars per gallon.  Here's a product that's a homeopathic tablet.  They make you add your own water!  Sure, they dress it up by saying they intend for customers to use them as a supplement to instead of a replacement of real medicine.  But it's still crap, it is still a drain on customers' health care dollars and CVS should still grow a pair and stop selling the stuff. 



    1. Ha! I hadn't seen that one before. Welcome to my incipient blog. I hope you stick around.

  2. CVS also sells sugar ... right now you can't see the pills at the CVS for all the Valentine candy. They sell candy the rest of the year too, and soft drinks, and Little Debbie snacks and all manner of stuff like that. If they're really into health they're going to do away with all that, right? Right? I think Little Debbies are more dangerous than Marlboros, but that's just me, maybe.

  3. CVS and all drug stores sell a ridiculous amount of "bad for you" stuff- I love how Walgreens asks you EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU CHECK OUT if you want some of the candy or Doritos they have on sale at the check out. They once asked me when all I was buying were 2 bags of other chocolate (not for me, damn it!!). Um, I'm pretty stocked up on candy, thanks! Don't need any more! WTF?


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