Friday, February 14, 2014

Gender Identity times 50.

According to the Wall Street Journal's blog, Facebook has added over 50 different terms one can choose from for one's gender.  People who make a choice other than male or female can then choose whether they want to be referred to by masculine, feminine or neutral (if plural) pronouns.

Facebook's hearts are in the right place, even if they went a little overboard in the department of redundancy department.  For example, if you want to identify as a cis man rather than the old-fashioned man, which some people do, you can choose from cis man, cis male, cisgender man or cisgender male.This seems a little much, considering that people not choosing the "cis" beginning cannot choose between male and man.

Still, it's a good thing Facebook has done.  However, I can't help but wonder if the change is simply a way to further segregate people for advertising purposes.  I can imagine a future marketing presentation in which potential advertisers are informed that people who identify as cis male are 20% more likely to click on an ad for hybrid cars as people who just use male as an identifier, whereas self-identified males are 60% more likely to click on an ad for pickup trucks.  (all statistics produced from the same place as farts). 

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