Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Bistro Bistro

Bistro Bistro
1727 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 328-1640


A lot of people reviewing this place really dislike it and I just don't get the hate.  No, it's not Le Circque.  It's not *supposed* to be Le Cirque. Bistro -- cheap, simple, unpretentious.  Bistro Bistro is huge compared to a stereotypical bistro but otherwise it fits the bill.  We went on a Friday night and ate at the bar.  They have a decent selection of fairly-priced wines by the glass and the bartender was helpful in selecting the ones we wanted.

Dinner was simple French food - A peppercorn steak and a chicken Francaise.  Both were tasty and well prepared.  The steak was cooked to the exact right temperature and was a nice cut.  The accompanying fries were hot, crispy, very French style.  The chicken was non-traditional, not having been fried (they disclosed this on the menu).  That said, the sauce was tasty and the dish was healthier as a bonus.  OK, less unhealthy.  It's still a brandy cream sauce.  It came with a better-than-average buttered carrots and broccoli.

At the price point, we thought Bistro Bistro offered a great value.  The steak wasn't prime, the chicken wasn't a Cornish game hen, but everything was well-prepared, tasty and reasonably on time.  We'd definitely recommend this place to people who want a good meal at a great price.

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